Before you patch up your pothole, please read!

The state of the Zimbabwean road network is no secret. It’s not even just a country joke, it’s a regional headache. One’s choice of car is determined by the number and depth of gorges on their daily route. In fact I could have been the proud owner of a 2021 Mercedes AMG E 63 E […]

The change I want to see

As women it is in our genetic makeup to want to fix things, even the unbroken we are always keen to modify and improve so as to better our lives and our communities. This is not a speculation but a fact which has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt throughout history. From Marie Curie who […]

EBrijini/ PaBridge

I grew up in Southdowns, Gweru and even then my parents never allowed us to aimlessly roam around the neighbourhood. The concept of sitting Ebrijini/PaBridge was foreign, I always wondered why particularly boys would congregate at corners the whole day everyday. It was a regular meeting point (I have neighbours who every afternoon without fail […]