Motivation through Failure: A few nuggets of wisdom…

It’s results time in Zimbabwe for A’ and O’ Levels both. Some have “passed” and some have ‘failed”. This has me thinking of how the definition of success and failure, winning and losing is fluid. How it is subjective, differing from individual to individual, family to family and society to society, despite the context within […]

A Story on Climate change

climate change, droughts

What is climate change anyway? It is the long term change in weather patterns and temperature. The changes can be natural or manmade. This term is often thrown around but it is important to the future of humanity and creatures of the earth. Why should I care about climate change? Droughts, floods, earthquakes, heat waves […]

Do’s and Dont’s for a woman working in a male dominated industry

Navigating the workplace can be tricky more so if you’re a woman in a testosterone filled environment. My attachment year was a cringe-fest. Lots of mistakes were made I tell you. But as they say, you live and learn. Below are a few things I learnt about working in the minefield that is a male […]

Spark your child’s interest in STEM

What is STEM? The first point of call would be to explain what STEM is. What does it really mean and why is everyone making a big buzz about it? Well, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education basically helps us in solving the challenges the world is facing today and those […]

How to make goals that stick for the new year?

  It’s that time of the year again, and it is time to start thinking about what goals you’ll be working towards this new year. For most of us, these goals can be career related, relationships, finances and health. Think about other areas that would require focus in the following year for example personal development […]