Frequently asked questions

About Tea in 60

Go to our Tea In 60 homepage > get mentored/Nominate a mentor> sign up> submit.

Training is generally delivered according to a predetermined curriculum. Mentoring is a more customized activity, that assigns deliverables to the Mentor as well as to the Mentee. The role of Tea In 60 mentors is to serve as a role model in the Zimbabwean STEM, whereas the role of a trainer is generally to deliver specific content without having a partnership with the trainee.

Virtual assistant and Social media management. Contact hello@teain60 for more information.

You will have an opportunity to meet with the Community Manager and Mentorship coordinator to discuss your personal and professional goals as a mentor. That information will then be evaluated and matched with the information being received from mentees. Other factors taken into consideration are reporting structures, relevant backgrounds, and interests. Mentors may have more than one but not more than two mentees at the same time.

Our vision states  “a brief but impactful cup of tea”. Our mentorship programs only offer 60 mins with the mentee.

Tea in 60 offers 1:1 virtual mentorship.

You will grow as a STEM coach. You will likely obtain additional experience as a Tea In 60 mentor, helping you in your day-to-day interactions with your teams and possibly your clients. You will build a relationship with an interesting individual who is looking to learn from you. You will also be helping the Tea In 60 continue to groom the next generation of women leaders and managers, retain talent, and preserve our culture.

About being a mentee

Any young lady in secondary/ high school, tertiary institution or is within two years of having graduated from a tertiary institution.

Yes, you can, for all Zimbabwean girls under 18 years of age.

Yes, this mentorship program is strictly for girls. However, boys can still make use of the resources we share on our pages!

At this point, yes. Make the most of it! We still do have our various pages where mentors will respond to any other questions you may have.

Yes, you still qualify. However, you are encouraged to sign up in order to make more meaningful connections.

Tea in 60 will only coordinate the one session. We encourage the girls to be proactive and create their own unique path. Mentor-mentee relationships need to be organic, and mutual. Should you feel you really want another session, get in touch with us and we’ll look into it!

About being a mentor

A TI60 Mentor has to:

  1.  Be affiliated (or be eligible to be affiliated) with a professional organization within their field.
  2. Have an online presence (LinkedIn highly
  3. Have at least 3 years of professional experience in their field
  4. Commit to one LinkedIn article once every

Yes, TI60 has the benefit of giving you flexibility. For the times you are extremely busy, you may commit to just one hour. And when your schedule permits you can do 3 to 4 hours per month.

Yes, but you will be required to open one to contribute your monthly articles and join the TI60 community.

No, you need to be part of a professional body. Here is a list of professional bodies you can join.

Of key importance is having the Zimbabwean experience. The platform is open to Zimbabwean women in STEM, or non-Zimbabwean women having studied/lived/worked in Zimbabwe. 

TI60 exists to transform communities by inspiring Zimbabwean girls and women to realize the endless possibilities within STEM. By sharing your journey and thoughts, we hope that your story would encourage and motivate mentees and peers to take up, remain and thrive in the STEM field.

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