For Mentors

Congratulations! You've made it in STEM and you have gone through a number of experiences that led you where you are. You see the gaps that exists in the field. Here's an opportunity to give back.

Mentor eligibility criteria

"Schools should employ female mathematics teachers and expose female role models who have succeeded in life in order to encourage more participation od female students in mathematics"

Anna Gudyanga, Participation of rural Zimbabwean female students in mathematics: The influence of perception(2016).

How the mentorship process works


Get nominated (or nominate yourself) as a mentor.


Participate in a podcast or write any articles


Go through a 21 minute discovery session with one of our team members. This is where we get to know each other better.


If we are a right fit for each other, you get invited to sign-up as a mentor. You are then onboarded and your profile is showcased on our digital platforms.

Mentor pack

Download our mentor pack to help you better understand the mentorship process and its benefits to you.