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A passionate Conservationist, with renowned experience in Research, Conservation and Sustainable Development. She has also previously worked in the Agriculture sector as a Lecturer. Fadzai posses a MSc in Forest & Nature Conservation.
Electronic Engineer
An Astute ICT professional with experience in strategy formulation, innovation and execution. She is a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering and an Executive Master of Business Administration.
Mathematics Teacher
An innovative educator who believes mathematics is the mother of all professions, a certified Apple and Microsoft Innovative Educator. Lizzie is a holder of a BSc in Mathematics and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.
Financial Engineer
A vibrant Financial Engineer with experience in Banking, Research, Business Development and Actuarial Consultancy. Rumbidzai holds a Masters in Financial Engineering and vast experience working as a Actuarial Consultant in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Senior Projects Director
Silibaziso Chizwina, a seasoned Civil Engineer, is a strategic land and urban development specialist experienced in Infrastructure Development. She has vast experience in quasi Government and Public Sector developments and administration.
Actuarial Scientist
Nyaradzai, a renowed Acturial Scientist with over 10 years’ experience in the general insurance and healthcare industries. She is currently a Research Manager at PSMAS, responsible for the actuarial function, business development, product management, research and strategy formulation.
Chemical Technologist
An Innovation Consultant, working in the Manufacturing and Processing Industry to develop innovative products which include a paint used for the prevention of diseases. She is also a Techwomen 2018 Fellow, passionate about the advancement of women working in STEM fields.
Loice is an Architect, having worked for Architectural firms, Interior Design and Construction companies in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. She has experience in design, documentation and supervision of large complex projects as well as client management.
Laboratory Scientist
Faith a laboratory scientist with interest in health education and technology, who loves to create an environment that excites and motivates students to be interested in pursuing careers in science. She is also a member of the Girls in STEM Trust.

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