Professional field: Engineering

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Electrical Engineer
Grace is an engineer with expertise in electrical engineering and renewable and sustainable energy technologies. She is the co-founder of Purple Future Trust and an alumni of different fellowships, such as the Obama Africa  Leaders Fellowship. She currently works as a senior engineer at ZESA.
Sustainability Engineer
Samantha is an engineer with expertise and publications in electrical engineering, renewable energy systems, and physics. She is also an advocate for climate change adaptation and a community volunteer. She is currently pursuing her MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development.
Automation Engineer
Nozinhle is an Electronic Engineer with notable experience in the Energy and FMCG Industry. She has also been involved with organization such as Global Shapers & Innovation for Africa as a career guidance and leadership facilitator. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Robotics and Automation.
Senior Projects Director
Silibaziso Chizwina, a seasoned Civil Engineer, is a strategic land and urban development specialist experienced in Infrastructure Development. She has vast experience in quasi Government and Public Sector developments and administration.
Loice is an Architect, having worked for Architectural firms, Interior Design and Construction companies in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. She has experience in design, documentation and supervision of large complex projects as well as client management.
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Industrial Engineer
Tsitsidzashe, a passionate Industrial Engineer whose work include the optimisation of systems and processes to ensure that continuous improvement is achieved. She carried out an extensive research on the use of blockchain technology in supply chain management within the South African sector.
Lecturer and researcher
Linda Magwaro-Ndiweni is a data geek with a colourful history. A lecturer and researcher at NUST as well as UZ in the Built Environment, she also runs a tech based information company called the Centre for Information Research and Publicity (CiRP).
Civil, Water & Sanitation Engineer
With over 18years experience, Joy has led teams of project personnel on the successful completion of various water & sanitation projects in Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. She is the founder of Majorlic Construction (Pvt) Ltd, a construction company registered in Zimbabwe.