The Impact of AI on the 21st Century Education System and Careers in Zimbabwe

In the past, distinguishing students was easy—they were the ones carrying around heavy bags filled with books. The same applied to university students, where the level of education increased with the weight of their academic materials. However, today’s reality is different. 21st century students can now stroll into class with just their mobile phones, opting […]

Aquaponics and Hydroponics: A solution for Mitigating the Elnino Drought in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Zimbabwe is facing an unprecedented drought crisis this year which has resulted in severe water shortages both in urban and rural areas leading to agricultural challenges. In such a dire situation, innovative farming techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics provide a ray of hope. These methods offer efficient water utilization and sustainable food production, making them […]

Celebrating Women In Powerful STEM Positions this Women’s month.

Its women’s month and what would be women’s month with showcasing those incredible aunts, mothers, sisters, wives and most importantly presidents and chairpersons of various STEM organizations. Previously on our blog we featured incredible women in the field of medicine in Zimbabwe and we promised that we would continue shedding light on women who are […]

The change I want to see

As women it is in our genetic makeup to want to fix things, even the unbroken we are always keen to modify and improve so as to better our lives and our communities. This is not a speculation but a fact which has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt throughout history. From Marie Curie who […]