How to become a software engineer

You’ve decided to become a software engineer! Congratulations! We’re here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a software engineer. If you’re already a software engineer, we’d love to see you share your tips and tricks with our readers in the comments below. If you’re not yet an engineer, don’t worry—we’ve got lots of […]

A Story on Climate change

climate change, droughts

What is climate change anyway? It is the long term change in weather patterns and temperature. The changes can be natural or manmade. This term is often thrown around but it is important to the future of humanity and creatures of the earth. Why should I care about climate change? Droughts, floods, earthquakes, heat waves […]

What doors can be opened by a polytechnic qualification?

Education is the key to success.  Quite a very old saying which has somewhat become debatable in this era. However, it is undeniable that the education system has tremendously progressed in the last decade. In effort to remain valuable and relevant in the industry, the need to further one’s education has never been more paramount. […]

Grades are just a part of your career strategy

Rumbi Munyaradzi is a digital mentor at The GenZim Connection, an online space for conversations in personal development, life skills and career insights for Zimbabwean teenagers. This article was originally published on her blog and one can read other articles like this at You can also follow her content on Instagram or Facebook at […]